TCYC Coombe Cellars

Weather Conditions on 22/07/17 07:20:00

The wind indicator is sheltered from the wind in certain directions and the wind speed in the middle of the estuary may be higher.

Rainfall gauge not yet installed.

Current Conditions
Wind 0 mph from N/A (N/A)
Barometer 1003.2 mbar
Barometer Trend (3 hours) -0.0 mbar
Outside Temperature 12.2°C
Wind Chill 12.2°C
Heat Index 12.2°C
Dewpoint 11.7°C
Humidity 97%
Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr
Inside Temperature 15.6°C


Since Midnight
High Wind 2 mph from 202° at 01:07:17
Average Wind 0 mph
RMS Wind 0 mph
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction
0 mph
High Temperature
Low Temperature
12.7°C at 06:39:10
8.0°C at 03:29:10
High Heat Index
Low Wind Chill
12.7°C at 06:39:10
8.0°C at 03:29:10
High Humidity
Low Humidity
98% at 02:11:27
95% at 00:03:02
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
12.2°C at 06:39:10
7.7°C at 03:29:10
High Barometer
Low Barometer
1003.2 mbar at 03:30:10
1003.2 mbar at 06:40:10
Today's Rain 0.00 in
High Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr at 00:00:02
High Inside Temperature
Low Inside Temperature
17.6°C at 00:00:39
15.4°C at 05:28:23


Today's Almanac
Sunrise: 05:28:17
Sunset: 21:13:05
Moon Phase: New
(3% full)
wind Hi Wind Wind Vector barometer temperatures heatchill rain Inside
About this weather station:
Latitude: 50° 32.40' N
Longitude: 003° 33.00' W
Altitude: 2 meters

This station uses a WMR88 weather station connected to a

Raspberry Pi computer running 'weewx' v3.3.1 weather software system.

Server uptime: 1 day, 18 hours, 6 minutes